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Don’t miss this chance to learn from the award-winning investor and developer, Mark Fernihough and elevate your property investments.

What We Offer

  • Investments from £100,000

  • Profit and ownership share

  • Years 1-4: 10% Return PA

  • Capital paid back in year 4

  • Continue to own and earn after capital has been paid back


Our proven strategy produces high levels of turnover and profit, providing consistent returns against forecasts


Properties are acquired on bricks and mortar prices, value is created through extensive refurbishment and future commercial valuations


Refinancing enables investment capital to be paid back, allowing investment in other opportunities

See What Our Investors Have to Say...

Having run a large business for many years it's clear there is one common route to success - people! Finding the right people to employ, partner or invest in is never easy but with Mark it was clear from the start that he was a great find.


Working with Mark, it became clear he was exactly what we were looking for. He knew the industry, and was honest, open and clear about what he could do for us. We had a very natural report which encouraged us to work together further.


Most importantly, the deal stacks up. While it ties up some of my money for a while, we have a scheduled plan to release this. Ultimately, providing a cash flowing asset with no money left in!


About Mark

I make it easy for investors to build a successful "hands-off" property portfolio in Cornwall by leveraging my time, experience, and success.

- Mark Fernihough, CEO

In December 2016 an “amazing” accident changed my life…

While building our 15-bedroom student house in Falmouth, Cornwall, we stumbled upon a massive underground fuel tank. Panic washed over us as we realised this unexpected obstacle could delay our project and cost us financially.

With our mortgage payments looming and no tenants in sight, we needed a solution. Inspired by a serviced accommodation training program, we had a radical idea: transform our property into 15 serviced accommodation units. It was a leap into the unknown, but we took on the challenge.

Drawing upon our training, we set up systems and processes to automate our serviced accommodation business. In November 2017, we welcomed our first guests. To our surprise, we made more profit in the next nine months than we ever would have with students.

What seemed like a disaster turned out to be a blessing. Our accidental discovery of a lucrative new business model transformed our property investment journey. Now, we own multiple properties running this proven automated serviced accommodation model.

We are grateful for the hurdles we faced, as they forced us to think creatively, adapt, and find new ways to generate income. These challenges propelled us to personal growth and opened up exciting opportunities for our property investment endeavours.

Today, we confidently scale our model and forge mutually beneficial partnerships with investors who share our vision. Our experience highlights the hidden potential in property investment setbacks and encourages others to embrace challenges as catalysts for innovation and success.

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